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KAYRED is now offering our CHRI-Lock product.

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    KAYRED Criminal History Record Information electronic data storage.

CHRI-Lock is your total solution for protecting your confidential records and criminal history data.

How are we different?

Our product is compliant with the federal Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy, storing your encrypted data offsite in our secure data center and reducing your liability.
Eliminate the need to house employee records, W-9 forms and payroll information on site.

Our solution gives you the control to instantly encrypt and decrypt your records as needed with your personalized key.

We recommend CHRI-Lock for:
• Background check results and criminal history data
• Personell records
• Payroll files and reports
• W-9 forms

Tiered pricing is available to allow this product affordable for clients of any size.

Want to learn more about CHRI-Lock click to email sales@KAYRED.com.

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