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What our customer are saying

"Their design was complete, they thought of everything!"

"Helped us create global distribution of our products..."


 Medical Devices
Financial and Banking
Customer Service
Workforce Development

Software Development and Design

Custom Applications Development

Kayred offers custom software and applications development for a variety of industries.  Using Microsoft VB .Net, C# and Asp .Net, Kayred has the experience to build a functional, dynamic application for in-house use or to expand market penetration.

Upgrade Existing Website or Application

Kayred can take your legacy applications and website and give them a much needed face lift to help you stay current in your market.  Updating legacy VB, C and ASP code without sacrificing functionality.

Analyze, Design, Development and Implement

Kayred helps you take your vision to build a brand with the latest development techniques and tools. 
Analyze, Design, Development and Implementation are not just words.  It's a process we adhere to "With" our customers. 
You stay involved in every step of development, it's your vision, your product, your development and your control.
Let us show you how we can Analyze your business goals to Design a Comprehensive Solution using the latest Development techniques and tools.

Development Services:

VB 6
VB .Net
Project Management
MRP, CRM, ERP Design
Business Services:

Consulting Resources
Project Management
Applications Development
Electronic Data Storage