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KAYRED now offers the latest technology to protect all your sensative data!

     KAYRED Criminal History Record Information electronic data storage.
CHRI-Lock is your total solution for protecting your confidential records and criminal history data.


-CJIS Compliant for new requirements Current CJIS Security Policy

-Full end-to-end data encryption

-No unencrypted physical files for CHRI

-Only the user can encrypt & decrypt

-Only the user can change the key

-Currently the only FDLE approved CJIS software

-Flexible prices and potential full ROI

We recommend CHRI-Lock for:
• Background check results and criminal history data
• Personnel records
• Payroll files and reports
• W-9 forms

Tiered pricing is available to allow this product affordable for clients of any size.

Want to learn more about CHRI-Lock click to email sales@KAYRED.com.